COVID-19 continues to impact us as individuals, families, communities, and as a company. To help you and your loved ones navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Nutanix provides a variety of resources for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Nutanix COVID-19 Updates

You can find company-specific updates from the COVID-19 Rapid Response Team on the Nutanix intranet.

Your go-to place to:

Learn more

about office reopenings and guidelines


your vaccination status


if you’ve tested positive after being on-site, or meeting with employees/clients

Get details

on the Work from Home Allowance

Medical Plans

Your medical plan is always available to support you and your covered family members with a wide range of coverage. COVID-19 vaccinations and testing are fully covered—at no cost to you—through your plan. In addition, all Nutanix medical plans include an out-of-pocket maximum to protect you from extensive costs if you need lengthy medical care.

Both UnitedHealthcare and Kaiser Permanente also offer resources to help you find information about getting your COVID-19 vaccination, finding a testing facility, how to get free at-home tests, and guide you through what to do if you’re feeling ill.

UnitedHealthcare Members


Visit UnitedHealthcare’s COVID-19 Resource Center.

Kaiser Permanente Members


Visit Kaiser’s Guide to COVID-19.

View a summary of your medical plan details or visit the UnitedHealthcare or Kaiser Permanente websites for more information about your coverage, a temporary card, and plan resources.

Need an at-home test?

You and your covered family members are able to receive up to eight at-home tests per month. Tests must be FDA-approved, over-the-counter COVID-19 diagnostic tests and purchased on or after January 15, 2022. Learn more about how to receive an over-the-counter testing kit here.

Additionally, if you are enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente HMO, you can order at-home tests directly through Kaiser Permanente.

Virtual Visits

Through Nutanix’s medical plans, you have access to telemedicine services. Connect with board-certified physicians 24/7, 365 days a year, without having to leave the comfort of your own home—all you need is a reliable internet connection and webcam. You can receive advice about treating COVID-19 symptoms, where and when to get tested, and more.

UnitedHealthcare Plan Participants


UnitedHealthcare provides Optum Virtual Care for 24/7. You can also download the UnitedHealthcare app. Video (with audio) visits can be requested on demand or scheduled.

Kaiser Permanente Plan Participants


Kaiser Permanente provides Video Visits. You can also connect to Video Visits through Kaiser’s app.

Wellbeing Support

We understand the mental toll the pandemic has taken on most of us. This impacts all areas of life, and Nutanix has programs to support you and your family.

It’s more important than ever to take care of yourself and make sure your and your family’s health are a priority.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Concern, our EAP partner, provides support 24/7 for immediate or ongoing support related to the pandemic and other feelings of stress.

You and your family members can get support through the Concern website or by phone 800-344-4222. Support is provided through virtual or in-person visits.


Ginger gives you immediate, real-time support via text with a behavioral health coach. No need to wait for an appointment; coaches are available to talk anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365, providing personal and confidential support—even at 2:30 AM.

Download the app, tap “Get Started”, then “My Organization” to register. Ginger is available to you and your dependents aged 18 years and older.


Children may have a hard time coping, which can lead to learning or behavior challenges. RethinkCare provides live teleconsultations with behavioral health experts and a wide range of resources. Get started via RethinkCare’s website.


Starting or maintaining a fitness or mindfulness practice can help manage feelings of stress. Grokker offers you access to over 4,000 fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, finance, and sleep videos. These easy-to-follow videos are accessible to everyone age 13+, every fitness level, and every body type, to help you build physical and mental strength.

Visit Grokker via Okta to get started, or visit Grokker’s website. You can even invite up to two family members (over age 13) to participate too.

Time Off

If you or your family members are affected by COVID-19, you may need time away from work to help care for yourself or family members. Nutanix offers sick time off for employees to use for their own illness or to care for a sick family member. If your absence requires you to be out for more than five consecutive days, a leave of absence should be started.

Visit the Time Away From Work page for more information.

Additional Information

Keep up to date with what’s happening in your area and around the world by visiting these websites for the latest information:

Be sure to visit your state or county health department websites for important COVID-19 information and updates in your area.