BeWell is our wellbeing program powered by Virgin Pulse, the world’s leading health, wellbeing, and social platform. BeWell is designed to enhance your physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing, so you can thrive in all aspects of your life.

What BeWell Can Do for You | How to Get Started | Five Ways to Make the Most of BeWell

What BeWell Can Do for You

BeWell is a voluntary program available to all regular employees. It’s designed to elevate your wellbeing and reward you for living a healthier lifestyle.

BeWell benefits all employees, regardless of how healthy or active they are today. Whatever your goal — to feel better, move more, build savings, increase your resilience, or improve your diet — BeWell helps you take small, easy, meaningful steps to achieve it. In the process, you build sustainable, healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Feel supported with every step you take

From daily tips and messages to healthy recommendations, BeWell provides ongoing support to boost your resolve and keep you on track. The platform’s social networking component lets you add coworkers, create and join interest groups, and participate in company-wide wellbeing challenges.

You can access all the Nutanix wellbeing benefits through the BeWell site. To get started, visit BeWell.


How to Earn Rewards

Once you’re enrolled, you participate in BeWell by engaging in and tracking healthy activities on the BeWell site, completing preventive-care activities, and participating in company challenges. By engaging in BeWell, you can earn rewards.

Embark on BeWell journeys

Find daily support to reach your goals. Small steps can become sustainable habits that enhance many areas of your life, such as physical fitness, diet and nutrition, tobacco cessation, stress management, financial wellbeing, sleep, and more.

Build healthy habits

Track behaviors you want to focus on, like physical activity, sleep, and others. Being mindful of your behaviors helps you make small changes that can lead to big results. There are multiple devices you can sync to your profile.

Engage in challenges

Build community, receive and give ongoing support, and earn rewards when you participate in company-wide wellbeing challenges.

How to Get Started

  1. Register for BeWell.
  2. Log in to the BeWell platform through Okta or use the username and password you set up when you created your account.
  3. Download the Virgin Pulse app (App Store or Google Play) and log in to your account.
  4. Set up your devices(s) and fitness trackers and sync them with BeWell.

Five Ways to Make the Most of BeWell

  1. Complete the Health Check survey. It will give you a snapshot of your current wellbeing status. The results will help you identify areas to focus on, set goals, and choose healthy activities.
  2. Upload your steps and track your activities on the BeWell platform.
  3. Track healthy habits. Earn rewards by keeping track of healthy habits like getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and engaging in stress-reduction activities.
  4. Participate in wellbeing challenges, including Nutanix-sponsored challenges and BeWell challenges, to earn points. You can also create personal challenges with coworkers, no matter where they’re located.
  5. Engage in preventive-care activities. Earn points for getting your annual physical and completing preventive screenings (e.g., mammogram, colonoscopy, etc.)