As part of the Nutanix benefits package, you have access to even more programs to save you money, support your personal life, and help with everyday needs.

Excellence Recognition | Years of Service Awards | Business Travel Accident (BTA) Insurance | Travel Assistance | EstateGuidance® Program | EAP: Work-Life Services | LinkedIn Learning | Hearing Aids | Discounts for Your Eyes | Ergonomic Assessments

Excellence Recognition

The Excellence recognition program empowers peers and managers to acknowledge meaningful achievements of Nutanix team members, fostering a global culture of recognition. The program and platform are designed to deliver recognition across the company, in a consistent and compliant way, by enabling peers and managers to provide on-the-spot recognition and celebrate above-and-beyond achievements that contribute to Nutanix’s success.

Awards are received as points, which can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards and merchandise. You also have the ability to combine awards for larger items or experiences.

Years of Service Awards

Nutanix celebrates service milestones and anniversaries through the Excellence recognition program. Service milestone awards are given on completion of an employee’s first, third, and fifth years, and every five years after that. Employees receive a virtual collection of personal stories from their manager and colleagues to be shared on the Excellence social feed.

Business Travel Accident (BTA) Insurance

Nutanix provides business travel accident insurance, so you have peace of mind when traveling for work. Business travel accident insurance covers you 24/7 for medical needs, security services, translations and interpreters (available as needed), and support in the event of lost documentation. Coverage also includes a lump-sum benefit in the event of an accidental death or permanent disability while traveling for work.

Global Guardian, a division of AIG, administers the business travel accident insurance. If you require medical attention while traveling for work, Global Guardian will collaborate with AIG to guarantee that you receive treatment at the appropriate medical facility and that billing is managed accurately, particularly when traveling abroad.

To view the full range of coverage, visit Global Guardian. You can download the app for convenient access. Note, you'll need to register (click here for instructions). For help when traveling internationally on business, call Global Guardian collect at 703-566-9463.

Travel Assistance

Traveling for a family holiday or a weekend away with friends should be fun and free of stress. With the Nutanix Basic Life insurance plan through Prudential, you're automatically covered with travel assistance and identity theft protection while traveling on personal trips. Prudential offers travel assistance through IMG.

No matter where your travels takes you, IMG provides access to travel services, including:

  • Emergency medical transport
  • Medical assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Security assistance

Get further details on these here.

EstateGuidance® Program

EstateGuidance, provided by our life insurance partner Prudential, gives you the ability to create a simple will and prepare final arrangements online at a low or no cost.

  • Wills—A will ensures your assets will be distributed according to your wishes after your death. It also allows you to name an executor and guardian to take care of your minor children. Create a free, customized will online by completing an easy-to-understand questionnaire. You can print it at home or have EstateGuidance print and mail a hard copy to you for $14.99.
  • Living Will/Power of Attorney—A living will states your wishes regarding medical treatment and nutrition in the event of a terminal illness, coma or vegetative state. A health care power of attorney gives a trusted family member or friend the power to make medical decisions on your behalf when you’re unable to make those decisions yourself. EstateGuidance will help you create a living will or power of attorney document for $14.99.
  • Final Arrangements—EstateGuidance makes planning your final arrangements and communicating them to your loved ones easier with an interactive questionnaire. This service is offered at no cost to you.

Visit EstateGuidance’s website today to get started.

EAP: Work-Life Services

Nutanix’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), provided through Concern, offers resources to help you manage the balance of work and life for yourself and your family.

  • Parenting and childcare—Get referrals to quality daycare centers, adoption assistance, tutors, and enrichment programs, and find resources to help you with the challenges of parenting.
  • Adult care resources—Get expert guidance and caregiving referrals (researched and vetted) for an elderly or disabled relative. Gain support in managing day-to-day challenges and resources to meet the unique needs of your loved ones.
  • Financial coaching—Get up to two 30-minute phone consultations with a financial coach to help you manage your money and develop long-term financial security. Additional consultations are available for a fee, and you can enjoy a discounted rate for tax consultations.

Visit Concern’s website (access code: nutanix) or call 800-344-4222 for more information.

Estate Planning and Legal Assistance With Concern

Through the EAP, you can get a free, 30-minute consultation with a local attorney. If you decide to retain their services, you’ll also receive a 25% discount off their regular rates. An attorney can help you with a variety of legal issues, such as:

  • Domestic relations
  • Estate planning
  • Wills and living trusts
  • Civil law
  • Landlord/tenant matters
  • Real estate/probate
  • Immigration
  • Identity theft
  • IRS matters

Visit the Concern website (access code: nutanix) or call 800-344-4222 for more information.

Enrolled in the ARAG Legal Insurance and Identity Theft Protection plan? Learn more about the services covered under your plan.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is designed to help you gain new skills and advance your career. LinkedIn Learning offers on-demand learning anytime, anywhere. Many of these learning courses are as short as three minutes, so you can learn what you need when you need it.

  • Unlimited access—Choose from more than 15,000 courses in multiple languages covering business, creative, and technology topics.
  • Personalized recommendations—Explore courses based on your experience.
  • Expert instructors—Learn from industry leaders.
  • Convenient learning—Access courses on your schedule, from any device.
  • Helpful resources—Reinforce new knowledge with quizzes, exercise files, and coding practice windows.

Learn more about how LinkedIn Learning can help you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills.

Get started
  1. Log in to your LinkedIn Learning account using your existing personal LinkedIn username and password—no need to create a new account.
  2. Log in to Okta.
  3. Click on the LinkedIn Learning tile.
  4. This will authenticate you into LinkedIn Learning for the first time.

After initial access, you can access LinkedIn Learning via Okta, your LinkedIn account, or the LinkedIn Learning mobile app. (When setting up the app, specify Nutanix as the organization.)

Hearing Aids

If you need hearing aids, you are covered under your Nutanix medical plan. You can also find providers and special discounts through VSP or UnitedHealthcare.

  • UnitedHealthcare Hearing is a program that gives you access to the largest nationwide hearing network, convenient care options, and diverse hearing aid choices. You can also save 50%–80% on hearing aids through UnitedHealthcare Hearing. Visit the UnitedHealthcare Hearing website for more information.
  • VSP partners with TruHearing to provide special offers and discounts (such as 60% off hearing aids), discounted batteries, and a free online hearing screening. Click here to learn more.

Discounts for Your Eyes

Get discounted offers on eyeglass lenses and frames and contacts through VSP. You can even get discounted sunglasses, and computer glasses are available to employees every year! View all available VSP discounts here.

VSP offers discounts on LASIK services through different providers. Click here for more information. You can also use your HSA or FSA dollars to pay some or all of the cost of LASIK surgery.

Ergonomic Assessments

Nutanix provides assessments to help employees create an ergonomic workspace and reduce risk factors that can lead to injury. To request an ergonomic assessment, go to ServiceNow and submit your request.