If your spouse or domestic partner’s employment status changes, and they gain or lose medical coverage, there are details to consider and actions to take regarding your Nutanix benefits.

Update Your Benefits | Update Your Beneficiaries | Emotional Support: EAP & Ginger | Update Workday
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Update Your Benefits

You may add or remove your spouse or domestic partner from your Nutanix benefits, including their dependents, as a result of this life event. Alternatively, if you weren’t previously enrolled for Nutanix benefits, you may enroll at this time by going to Workday. You must make changes to your benefits within 30 days of the effective date of your spouse or domestic partner’s employment status change.

Update Your Beneficiaries

Decide if you need to update your beneficiary information.

Emotional Support: EAP & Ginger

Take advantage of these resources that provide you or your dependents with emotional support.

Concern, our EAP provider, offers free and confidential counseling 24/7. Get financial information, legal referrals, and much more. Visit Concern (access code: nutanix) or call 800-344-4222.

Ginger provides mental wellness support from therapists through chat. This on-demand access to behavioral health coaches and personalized, interactive content is available anytime to support you and your adult dependents. Visit Ginger’s website to learn more.

Update Workday

Visit Workday to make any necessary changes to your:

  • Address
  • Tax withholdings (Find detailed instructions on updating your federal or state/local tax withholdings here.)
  • Emergency contacts