If you’re injured on the job or have a workplace illness, Nutanix workers’ compensation program provides medical treatment for you. Medical treatment is covered at 100% if the injury/illness is deemed work-related and you seek medical care at a designated location, as required. You’re automatically enrolled and eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as of your first day of employment.

What to Do in an Emergency | What to Do When Not in an Emergency | If You Have an Injury/Illness | Emotional Support: EAP & Ginger
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What to Do in an Emergency

If you experience a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.

What to Do When Not in an Emergency

If it’s not an emergency, contact security at 408-840-2595.

If You Have an Injury/Illness

If you experience an injury while on the job at Nutanix, follow these steps:

  • E-mail loa@nutanix.com. You’ll be asked to complete an incident intake form, complete other forms, and file your claim with the workers’ comp carrier.
  • Confirm a nearby authorized occupational clinic to seek medical care, evaluation, and treatment (non-emergency).
  • Inform your manager and keep them up to date.
  • In the event you must stop working due to a work-related injury or illness, you will need to submit a disability leave of absence claim. Contact Prudential at 877-367-7781 to request a leave of absence and apply for short-term disability.

Emotional Support: EAP & Ginger

Nutanix provides resources that can help you to recover in many ways.

Concern, our EAP provider, offers free and confidential counseling 24/7. Get financial information, legal referrals, and much more. Visit Concern (access code: nutanix) or call 800-344-4222.

Ginger provides mental wellness support from therapists through chat. This on-demand access to behavioral health coaches and personalized, interactive content is available anytime to support you and your adult dependents. Visit Ginger’s website to learn more.