Congratulations on your nuptials! Getting married comes with a variety of life changes you'll need to consider, including changes to your Nutanix benefits. Read through the topics below to identify any action steps you need to take.

Adding to Benefits | Update Your Beneficiaries | Emotional Support: EAP & Ginger | Update Workday | Estate Planning
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Notify Your Manager

Notify your manager of any time off you’ll need as soon as possible. This allows your manager to make timely arrangements for coverage of your current responsibilities while you’re out. Don’t forget to record your time away in Workday.

Adding to Benefits

Add your new spouse to your Nutanix benefits through Workday. You must add your new spouse to your benefits within 30 days of your marriage date. Find detailed instructions on adding your spouse to your benefits coverage here.

Make sure to review the eligibility rules for adding your spouse to your benefits.

You may also want to update your voluntary life insurance and AD&D coverage with Prudential to ensure your family’s financial security in case the unexpected happens.

Changing your name?
  • Don’t forget to get a new Social Security card!
  • Get a new driver’s license if your name and/or address are changing.
  • Update these details in Workday.

Update Your Beneficiaries

Now is the time to update your beneficiary information if you’d like to add your new spouse.

Emotional Support: EAP & Ginger

Marriage is an exciting time, but it can also be a very stressful time. Not to worry! Nutanix provides resources to help you ease your stress.

Concern, our EAP provider, offers free and confidential counseling, financial coaching, legal assistance, couples counseling, and much more. Visit Concern (access code: nutanix) or call 800-344-4222, 24/7.

Ginger provides mental wellness support from therapists through chat. This on-demand access to behavioral health coaches and personalized, interactive content is available anytime to support you. Visit Ginger’s website to learn more.

Update Workday

Visit Workday to make any necessary changes to your:

  • Name and address
  • Tax withholdings (Find detailed instructions on updating your federal or state/local tax withholdings here.)
  • Direct deposit
  • Emergency contacts

Estate Planning

If you have a will or living trust, be sure to contact your provider to make any necessary changes to ensure your family’s future is up to date. Concern, our EAP provider, offers access to a legal consultation and discounts on services. Visit Concern (access code: nutanix) or call 800-344-4222.