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Nutanix is committed to supporting your health and wellness by providing a comprehensive benefits program designed to meet the needs of you and your family.

Who’s eligible?

All regular, full-time employees working at least 30 hours per week are eligible for benefits on their date of hire.

Also, interns, returnship, apprenticeship and part-time employees are eligible for the UnitedHealthcare POS plan on the first of the month following 60 days of employment.

Eligible dependents of employees include:

  • Your legal spouse or domestic partner.
  • Your children under age 26 and/or those of a domestic partner.
  • Your disabled children who meet certain criteria.

Imputed income for domestic partner coverage

Eligible domestic partners and their eligible children may be enrolled for medical, dental, vision and voluntary life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance coverage. Due to IRS regulations, if you elect domestic partner coverage, the value of these benefits is generally added to your taxable income and subject to federal and state income and payroll taxes. This practice is known as imputed income.

Imputed income is shown on your W-2, and you pay taxes from your paycheck on that amount. In addition, if you are required to pay a premium for coverage, you will pay the premium for your domestic partner’s coverage on an after-tax basis. Refer to the Domestic Partner Enrollment Guide for information about domestic partner coverage.

For more information about the medical plans:

iconHow to Add Domestic Partner Coverage

To add a Domestic Partner to your Nutanix benefits, you and your Domestic Partner will need to sign the Statement of Domestic Partnership and have it notarized. Once completed, please send it to hr@nutanix.com. This must be completed within 30 days of the benefit event date.

Plan options

Benefit-eligible employees in the U.S. may elect to enroll in the UnitedHealthcare POS plan. The Kaiser HMO plan is also available to full-time employees in California.

Nutanix pays 100% of plan premiums for you and your family. No payroll deductions are required.

Plan Description
UnitedHealthcare POS A Point of Service (POS) plan with no annual deductible and no copays for in-network/in-plan services.
Available to benefit-eligible employees in the U.S.
Kaiser HMO A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan with no annual deductible and $20 copays for office visits. The company-funded HRA covers the cost of your copays, up to the annual out-of-pocket maximum. Only provides coverage for in-network services.
Available to full-time employees in California.

We also offer two additional important benefits to support your health:

  • Virtual Visits — if you’re enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare or Kaiser plan.
  • Health Advocate — for all benefit-eligible employees and their families.
Virtual Visits

With UnitedHealthcare’s Virtual Visits, the doctor will come to you — whether you are at home or in the office, as long as you have a computer, an internet connection and a webcam. You can get treatment for a wide range of non-emergency medical conditions, with no appointment necessary. Virtual doctors can also prescribe medications. Note: Not all states allow telemedicine, and not all states allow for medicines to be prescribed through this service. Visit www.myuhc.com/virtualvisits to confirm your state’s participation.

This service is covered under the UnitedHealthcare POS as a doctor’s office visit — the plan pays 100%. This service may not be available at all times or in all locations as it differs by network providers.

To access this service, you’ll log in to www.myuhc.com/virtualvisits and choose from provider sites where you can register for a Virtual Visit, then talk with a doctor about your health concerns. You can also download the UnitedHealthcare mobile app to access Virtual Visits from your smartphone or tablet.

Refer to the Virtual Visits Overview or watch the video below to learn more about this benefit.

If you are a Kaiser HMO member, you can take advantage of Video Visits, which allow you to meet with your doctor from the comfort and convenience of your home, office or wherever you are. This is a great way to save on travel expenses and time.

Visit www.kp.org/mydoctor/videovisits or refer to the Video Visits Overview for additional information. You can also download the Kaiser mobile app to access Video Visits from your smartphone or tablet.

Plan Options

UnitedHealthcare POS

Services Employee Cost: In-Network Employee Cost: Out-of-Network
Deductible (single / family) $0 / $0 $6,000 / $12,000
Out-of-pocket maximum (single / family) $0 / $0 $10,000 / $20,000
Office visit $0 40% (after deductible)
Specialist visit $0 40% (after deductible)
Preventive services $0 Not covered
X-ray / lab / imaging $0 40% (after deductible)
Inpatient hospital / surgery $0 40% (after deductible)
Chiropractic $0 (combined in-network and out-of-network); limit of 24 visits per year 40% (after deductible, combined in-network and out-of-network); limit of 24 visits per year
Acupuncture $0 (combined in-network and out-of-network); limit of 24 visits per year 40% (after deductible, combined in-network and out-of-network); limit of 24 visits per year
Tier 1 (generics and some brand-name) Retail: $0; mail-order: $0 Retail: $10; mail-order: not covered
(after deductible)
Tier 2 (preferred brand-name) Retail: $0; mail-order: $0 Retail: $30; mail-order: not covered
(after deductible)
Tier 3 (higher-cost brand and select generic) Retail: $0; mail-order: $0 Retail: $50; mail-order: not covered
(after deductible)

Kaiser Permanente HMO (CA Employees Only)

In-Network Services Employee Cost
Deductible (single / family) $0 / $0
Out-of-pocket maximum (single / family) $1,500 / $3,000
Most primary care visits $20
Most specialist care visits $20
Preventive services $0
X-ray / lab $10 per encounter
Imaging $50 per encounter
Inpatient hospital / surgery $250 per admission
Ambulance $100 per trip
Emergency $50 per visit
Acupuncture and chiropractic $15 copay, up to 20 visits per year combined
Generic Plan pharmacy: $10 per prescription for 1 to 30 days
Mail-order: usually two times the plan pharmacy cost sharing for up to a 100-day supply
Preferred brand / non-preferred brand / specialty Plan pharmacy: $30 per prescription for 1 to 30 days
Mail-order: usually two times the plan pharmacy cost sharing for up to a 100-day supply

UnitedHealthcare POS

The UnitedHealthcare POS plan covers in-network services at 100% with no annual deductible. This means when you see in-network providers for covered services, there’s no out-of-pocket cost to you. You only pay the deductible and coinsurance under this plan when you use out-of-network providers and services.

How it works

You can choose any in-network or out-of-network provider each time you receive care. But keep in mind: you receive the highest benefits — often with no out-of-pocket cost to you — when you use in-network providers: doctors, labs, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

If you go to out-of-network providers, you will generally have to meet a deductible before the plan begins paying expenses. After the deductible, you’ll typically pay a percentage of the cost, called coinsurance, and the plan will pay up to the maximum plus you may be “balance billed” for the rest by the provider.

The same is true when you receive prescriptions. There is no out-of-pocket cost to you when you use in-network retail or mail-order pharmacies for prescriptions on the formulary list (visit UnitedHealthcare for an updated list). It’s your choice if you want to use out-of-network pharmacies, but when you do, you will first have to meet a deductible and then pay a $10 to $50 copay.

To find in-network providers and pharmacies, go to UnitedHealthcare.

Refer to the benefit summary below that corresponds with your location for additional plan details:

Kaiser Permanente HMO

The Kaiser HMO plan provides coverage only when you receive care from providers within the HMO network.

There is no annual deductible, and most office visits are covered after a $20 copay. Preventive services are fully covered — you pay nothing.

When you have in-network out-of-pocket costs with this plan, you can generally be reimbursed through your Kaiser HRA — an account Nutanix funds for employees enrolled in the Kaiser HMO plan.

How it works

The Kaiser HMO plan is available in California only. You must use in-network providers only — doctors, hospitals, labs, clinics and pharmacies. There is no coverage when out-of-network.

To find a network provider, go to Kaiser Permanente.

Nutanix pays 100% of the medical plan cost for you and your family — this means no paycheck deductions for your coverage.

Refer to the Kaiser: 2020 Benefit Summary (NorCal & SoCal) for additional plan details.

Kaiser Permanente App

Want to see how the Kaiser Permanente app offers a simple and easy way to manage your family’s health needs? Check out this short video to learn more.

Kaiser HRA

A Health Reimbursement Account or HRA is an account that is owned and funded by Nutanix to help you pay for covered in-plan / in-network healthcare services.

The HRA is only available with the Kaiser HMO plan. If you select this plan, Nutanix funds an HRA that you can use to pay the annual out-of-pocket costs. For 2020, Nutanix will fund:

  • Individual: $1,500
  • Family: $3,000

The HRA is managed by VitaFlex.

  • The HRA only applies to in-plan / in-network expenses.
  • You can use your VitaFlex debit card to pay for eligible out-of-pocket expenses or you may pay for your copay out of pocket and submit the copay receipt to VitaFlex for reimbursement.

Review the VitaFlex: Pre-Tax Plan Fact Sheet to learn more about this benefit.

Health Advocate

Health Advocate provides personalized support and assistance for a range of healthcare issues, including hospitalization, managing chronic illness, or addressing a prescription issue. You can also use Health Advocate to find doctors and specialists in your area, schedule appointments, and resolve claims issues. Participating in this program is optional, and if you choose to contact Health Advocate, be assured your health information and the services provided are completely confidential.

To get started, call 1-866-695-8622. You can also visit Health Advocate or refer to the Health Advocate Overview to learn more about this benefit.

Opt-Out Credit

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a notice which provided information on how opt-out credits impact the affordability of employer sponsored health coverage. To keep our health plans affordable as defined under the ACA, Nutanix requires employees to provide evidence that the employee and all members of the employee’s tax family are enrolled in other Minimum Essential Coverage (generally, other employer sponsored group health plan coverage) in order to receive the opt-out credit. Upon this certification we offer an opt-out credit of $200 per month.

For further questions, please open a ServiceNow ticket.