To support your health and wellbeing, Nutanix provides a global platform and one-stop shop for wellness through Grokker. Check out the video below to learn more.

Grokker’s wellbeing solution meets you where you are. Whether it’s daily exercise, mindfulness practices, or an interest in learning healthy recipes to share with your family, Grokker has something for everyone. With over 4,000 fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, finance and sleep videos, Grokker’s holistic program benefits employees of every age, fitness level, and body type.

Access the Grokker app (IOS/Android) anywhere, anytime, and on any device (TV, phone, tablet, wearable, or web).

See what you can achieve

Visit Grokker via Okta to learn more — you can take a personal health assessment to gain a clearer picture of your health, or connect with others who are on a similar journey through Grokker’s online forums.

To access Grokker’s website from your personal computer or mobile device, visit grokker.com/Nutanix.