All Nutanix employees and their family members qualify for membership at Star One Credit Union! Membership at a credit union creates a cycle of mutual assistance towards the common goal of the financial wellbeing of members.

What does this mean for Nutanix employees?

  • As a member of Star One Credit Union, you can expect great personal service, above-average yields on deposits and below-market rates on loans. Star One is not for profit and offers financial services to more than 113,000 members worldwide. With assets over $10.5 billion, Star One is ranked 17th in total assets among nearly 5,700 credit unions nationally.
  • As a member-owned financial institution, Star One is focused on providing long-term financial solutions to all of their members. As a result, Star One is able to return their profits back to members in the form of money-saving benefits, including: higher interest on saving accounts, lower interest rates on loans and mortgages, reasonable, if any, fees on products and services like checking, credit cards and real-estate loans.

Star One offers a variety of products and services, such as: free checking, money market savings, IRAs certificates, real estate loans, auto loans, Visa credit cards, private student loans, student consolidation loans, online/mobile banking and bill pay.

For more information

For more information, visit the Star One Credit Union website or call 1-408-543-5202 or 1-866-543-5202.